April Bargaining Update

  • Local 52 Cares About You!

    Spread the word! We're hosting an event exclusive to AUPE members on January 25th (Foothills campus), and January 31st/February 2nd (Main Campus), with free giveaways, refreshments, and de-stressing activities. Bring your colleagues and learn more about services and resources available to AUPE members. 

    You work hard. Let us treat you to a relaxing break over your lunch hour!

    Please bring your AUPE membership card or your AUPE member number to enter the event. If you're not sure what your AUPE member number is, simply call AUPE's Headquarters at 1-800-232-7284. 

    *Did You Know? Your membership card can get you amazing discounts across the province! http://www.aupe.org/my-aupe/member/discounts/ 

  • CAC Labour Day Classic - Football!

    Calgary Area Council is offering tickets to the Labour Day Classic Football Game on September 5th, 2016.  Exclusive to Calgary Area AUPE membership! #whateverittakes

    Tickets for the first 1000 are $33/ea (includes at $10 concession voucher!).  Ticket requests beyond the first 1000 will be sold at $53/ea.  Sales end July 31st or when sold out (whichever comes first).

    You may request your tickets HERE.  

    You will be contacted following your form submission to connect with either Jessica Daigle (jessica.daigle2@gmail.com) or Donald Walker (walkerdg@ucalgary.ca). Cash will be collected before your ticket can be confirmed.  These requests will be based on first come first served (provide cash and your ticket is reserved).

    Should you prefer to mail in your request you may send your order to:  

    Margina Hoffman, Chinook PO Box 30081, Calgary, AB  T2H 2V8

  • Bill 4: Know Your Bargaining Rights

    Brothers and Sisters,

    You may have heard about the implementation of Bill 4 (Essential Services Legislation) that will have an impact on bargaining rights.

    Learn more by attending one of the Town Halls that AUPE has organized for us.  CLICK HERE for more information about when and where the Town Halls will be held.

    Know Your Bargaining Rights!

  • Cineplex Ticket Sales at the U of C! LIMITED!

    Use the following form to place your order for Cineplex tickets:  http://goo.gl/forms/9WaF1hKvgh

    Tickets are $7/ea (huge savings!)

    LIMIT of 10 tickets per member.

    For any questions please contact caclocal52@gmail.com OR 52stew@ucalgary.ca

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BBQ's 50/50 prize winners

Hello Local 52,

Well we had two very successful events once again. The weather did not let
us down which we always appreciate.

We collected 6 bins of food for the Campus Food Bank.
We collected $264.60 in donations for the Campus Food Bank.
Amazing generosity once again from our Local 52 Membership.

Now here are the number for the 50/50 you have been looking for.

Main Campus collected $767.00 of which 1/2 goes to the winner $383.50.
White Ticket 2334342
Contact Kevin Barry at the Union office to claim your prize. 220-4042

Foothills Campus collected $177.00 of which 1/2 goes to the winner $88.50.
Yellow Ticket 648762
Contact Justin Huseby at the Foothills Campus for your prize. 220-2442

A cheque on behalf of the Local will be going to the Campus food bank for a
total of $736.60.

Please watch our website for updated information on issues that may affect
you, events
that we are having, and communications from your Local. Please watch the
AUPE website
to keep up to date what is happening with your Union.

Kevin Barry
Your Local 52 Chair

April Bargaining Update

Hello Local 52,

Your Bargaining Committee met once again with the Employer on March 26th with very little progress being made during the day of negotiations. Our Committee was provided with further information from the Employer on a number of other Articles but at this stage we still do not have a full set of proposals.

Your team has had some discussions with the Employer on our position with regards to our proposals as well as our response to some of the proposals we have received from their Committee at this stage. As well the Employer gave some responses to a number of our ingoing proposals.

We are unable to provide much more in terms of meaningful information regarding where we are in terms of the overall Collective Agreement. We are hopeful to make more progress with the next two days of negotiations set for April to be able to provide an update with more information.
Your Bargaining Committee remains hopeful even though progress may be slow at this stage we will continue to endeavor to close articles that are considered easy in order to move forward.

March 27th was spent reviewing the Employers proposals which we were unable to respond to on the 26th.

Your Bargaining Committee will be meeting with the Employer once again on April 13th and 14th.
Look for further updates after these two days of meetings.

On behalf of the Bargaining Committee
Kevin Barry
Chair Local 52 Bargaining Committee

Below are links to our Local website where updates and meeting dates are listed under the Bargaining tab.
Below is the link on the AUPE website http://www.aupe.org/ to your collective agreement.

Below is a repeat of what was sent out in the last update to allow those who may have missed it to see what has been opened for this round of bargaining.

We will provide below for you the following: 1) ingoing Monetary proposals, 2) the Articles that are open by the both the Union and the Employer, 3) Articles open by the Union only, 4) Articles open by the Employer only, and 5) Articles that remain closed by both parties.

1) Union ingoing Monetary April 1, 2015 3.5%, April 1, 2016 3.5%, April 1 2017, 3.5%.
No Monetary proposal from the Employer at this time.

2) Open by both:
Article 1,2,7,9,14,15,16,17,18,24,25,28,29,30,31,32,35,36,38,39,40,41,42,44,47,51,52,54,55, Schedule A, Schedule B, LOU#4, LOU# 7, LOU#8, LOU#15, LOU#16 (LOU is Letter of Understanding at the back of the agreement)

3) Open by Union only:
Article 3,6,11,20,26,33

4) Open by Employer only:
Article 12,19,22,34,37,42,43,45,49,50,53, LOU#1, LOU#2, LOU#3, LOU#5, LOU#6, LOU#9, LOU#10, LOU#11, LOU#12, LOU#13, LOU#14, LOU#17

5) Remaining closed by both:
Article 4,5,8,10,13,21,23,27,46,48,56,57